The professional organization we are associated with, LandlordBC, has long advocated that both landlords and tenants should be allowed to use email as a method of service for serving documents such as 2 Month Notice to End Tenancies, Eviction Notices and Rental Increases.

We strongly agree with this new policy. An abundance of time being a property manager is spent at the post office sending documents via registered mail. This postal route is also an expensive way of issuing notice to tenants.

Beginning March 1, 2021 email may now be used, under certain circumstances, as a method of serving documents for landlords and tenants.

For this service to be considered valid the email address must be provided specifically for this purpose. We hope that the Residential Tenancy Branch will create a form soon that will officially recognize said email.

An email is considered received 3 days after it is sent.

There are many ways to prove proof of service:

  • A sent item; which includes the email address it was sent to.
  • Delivery receipt confirmation.
  • A response sent by the party the email was sent to.
  • A read receipt on said email.

More information regarding this exciting change can be viewed here:

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