Technology can be your friend when used properly. Here is a list of smart devices you can use for your STR.

  • Smart Lock: These locks connect to wifi and allow you to give access to anyone from anywhere. They give your guests contactless check-in and you are able to monitor who is coming and going from your property. We recommend Schlage and Yale locks.
  • Doorbell Camera: These devices are great to let you know who is at your property and how many guests may be entering the home. They can be used as security cameras that record video for later review if there is an incident at your property. We recommend Ring and Dahua doorbell cameras.
  • Noise sensor: This device measures decibel levels in the home when you have guests. It can be set up to let you know if noise levels are too high indicating a large gathering or party in the home. Setting up a noise monitor in the home will help deter guests from having large gatherings and parties when they’re not allowed to. We recommend the Minut noise sensor.
  • Security cameras: Having security cameras on the premises gives you another layer of safety. Outdoor cameras aren’t an issue as long as they are documented in the listing. Indoor cameras can be tricky, they can’t be placed in private areas such as bathrooms or anywhere guests sleep. You can place them in common areas as long as they are visible and described in the listing. They can show how many people are entering the home. You can also record videos if necessary. 
  • Smart TV: Allows guests to log into their streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and other applications.
  • Smart thermostat: Let you control the temperature of the home when guests aren’t present. 

These devices help you run an STR more efficiently by saving time and money. When coming up with a budget for your STR keep these devices in mind as they can cost several hundred dollars and some have monthly or yearly subscription fees.  A vacation rental specialist can help you with picking the right devices for your property.

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